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​What started off as identifying a gap in the market to pursuing my lifelong dream of creating couture desserts has now exploded into becoming the must-have fanfare of deliciousness at weddings, birthdays, corporate event and Bar Mitzvahs.

You might be wondering where my love of food comes from? Truth be told, growing up in an Indian household I can’t remember a single birthday, gathering or any event that wasn’t centred around great food and the pride of entertaining guests! The men in my family went out to work while the ladies stayed home perfecting recipes passed down through generations and fine-tuning the art of presentation so they could be confident in knowing that everyone would leave the table truly satisfied. And I don’t care what anyone says, dessert is always the best course; it’s the make or break of the meal! It’s the last mouthful you have before leaving the table so it has to be memorable!

In the run-up to my own wedding, I was very taken aback by the underwhelming selection of overly-sweet Indian desserts on offer. I had dreamed of a generously elaborate offering of all of my favourite things to ensure my guests left with a full belly – because let’s be honest that’s what guests always remembers about an Asian wedding! That was the moment when the penny dropped and the apron went on. Since that day I vowed to offer a sweet course that dreams are made of. A flourish of flavoursome fantasies that flirt with your taste buds with every mouthful until you fall into a state of food euphoria.

Word soon spread that a successful Pharmacist had switched her interest from medical research to edible research. I used my family as taste testers and having 3 daughters has meant that there has been no end of excuses to throw a party just so I can refine my offering, whilst obviously celebrating their existence (!) … and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Through sheer hard work and determination, I’m proud to be celebrated in Brides Magazine, You are Your Wedding Magazine, Green and not forgetting my first and biggest achievement to date - Channel 5’s Billionaire Babies. I was approached to create a luxurious Alice in Wonderland tea party event in less than 48 hours. When I first got the call, I had to pinch myself. SugarBox was in its infancy but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I embraced the challenge and thrived on the adrenaline to create a truly magical birthday for a lucky little girl and her friends. It was that moment when they saw the decadent display, designed and commissioned around the theme, and soon realised it housed edible treats. Their faces lit up and that is what I strive to recreate for all my clients – that childlike giddiness.  


I look forward to continuing to focus on curating a beautiful sensory dessert experience for people who love food and remain at the forefront of the couture dessert revolution.



We work with you to create a menu that really reflects your brief, and more importantly your personality. We pride ourselves on our fine customer service and we believe in good old fashioned personal contact so we take the time to get to know you through a series of meetings and phone/video call to suit your availability in order to generate a mood board of all the elements you’d like to feature. 


…and yes, before the other half asks - there is a dessert tasting!

You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of our favourites, including our signature Rose Bonbons and White Chocolate Pistachio Pyramids, to tantalise your taste buds and get your creative juices flowing on our initial meeting with you. This immersive experience will allow you to explore all the different flavours, textures, smells and aesthetics you can dream of. We’ll then go away and start channelling our inner Willy Wonka to concoct the perfect selection of edible delights according to your taste and style. We hero great British ingredients by incorporating seasonal produce with exotic flavours such as soft hints of rose and luxurious accents of saffron. We cater for all dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, nut free, celiac, halal and kosher.

You can be assured that every dessert placed on your bespoke custom built SugarBox tablescape display on the day will be meticulously designed and tailor-made with you in mind every step of the way. 

“Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice.” 




We cater for every kind of special event from birthday parties and weddings, to formal corporate events and award ceremonies. Large or small, we cover a vast assortment of different celebrations for our diverse clients both in London and around the UK. 



We know that people eat with their eyes so we love to give them something worth looking at and to say we revel in a bit of theatre would be an understatement. Our inventive in-house craftsmen have the ability to turn bits of wood into elaborate settings which our creative team then embellish with lush florals and trinkets to suit your theme. We create layers of intrigue and extravagance to evoke all five senses - taste, touch, sight, smell and even sound. Be it transforming a back garden into nirvana or a ballroom into a regal courtyard, we take care of everything, leaving you free to entertain, host & enjoy your celebration with your guests.